PhD defense Farzad Farhadzadeh

Farzad Farhadzadeh succesfully defended his thesis titled "Information-Theoretic Analysis of Identification Systems in Large-Scale Databases" on 15.01.2014 with the following jury:

  • Prof. Mauro Barni (Department of Information Engineering, University of Siena, Italy) 
  •  Dr. Teddy Furon (INRIA, Rennes, France) 
  •  Dr. Ton Kalker (DTS Inc., the USA) 
  •  Prof. Frans Willems ( Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands) 
  •  Prof. Stephan Marchand-Maillet (Department of Computer Science, University of Geneva) 
  • Prof. Sviatoslav Voloshynovskiy (Department of Computer Science, University of Geneva, thesis director)