Oleksiy Koval



Oleksiy Koval received his M.S. Degree in electrical engineering from the National University "Lvivska Politechnika", Lviv, Ukraine, in 1996. In 1996–2001, he was with the Department of Synthesis, Processing, and Identification of Images, Institute of Physics and Mechanics (Lviv, Ukraine) as a researcher and Ph.D. student. He received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the National University Lvivska Politechnika, in 2002. Since 2002, he has been with Stochastic Image Processing Group, Computer Vision and Multimedia Lab, University of Geneva, from which he received his Ph.D. degree in stochastic image modeling in 2004, where he is currently a Senior Lecturer and Researcher (Maître d'Enseignement et de Recherche)

He has coauthored over 120 journal and conference papers in these areas as well as 3 patents.

Research Interests

  • security in multimedia
  • digital forensics
  • authentication and identification of objects
  • machine learning
  • information-theoretic aspects of robust perceptual multimedia hashing
  • security, robustness and universality of robust perceptual multimedia hashing
  • information-theoretic aspects of data hiding
  • recovery of geometrical distortions;
  • data hiding security


I'm involved in the following courses:
  • ´╗┐Multimedia Security
  • Elements of Multi-user Information Theory and Wireless Communications
  • Elements of Information Theory

Current PhD students:                          

  • Fokko Beekhof
  • Farzad Farhadzadeh
  • Maurits Diephuis

Former PhD students:

  • Renato Villan (PhD, 2008)
  • Emre Topak (PhD, 2007)
  • Jose Vila Forcen (PhD, 2006)



  • SNF research project: Reliable and secure forensic authentication based on random projections and distributed coding (co-investigator).
  • SNF research project: Secure unclonable identification/authentication codes based on natural randomness (co-investigator).
  • CRADA: industrial project with Anteleon Imaging (University of Geneva spin-off) (2009-2012) (co-investigator).
  • SNF Professorship project: Stochastic detection of hidden data (co-investigator).
  • SNF Professorship project (extension) :Information-theoretic document authentication and self-recovering based on digital data-hiding (co-investigator).
  • IM2(Interactive Multimodal Information Management) projects (The National Center of Competence in Research) in part of Information-theoretic multimodal signal processing (distributed coding of multimodal signals) (co-investigator).
  • SIMILAR: Network of Excellence, EU project (co-investigator).
  • ECRYPT: Network of Excellence, EU project (WAVILA) (co-investigator).