Professor Slava Voloshynovskiy


Slava Voloshynovskiy received radio engineering degree from Lviv Polytechnic Institute in 1993, and Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from State University Lvivska Politechnika, Lviv, Ukraine, in 1996. In 1998–1999, he has been with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, as a visiting scholar. Since 1999, he has been with the University of Geneva, Switzerland, where he is a professor with the Department of Computer Science, and Head of the Stochastic Information Processing Group. His current research interests cover the theoretical analysis of entire chain of data processing starting from the data acquisition and interaction with physical objects to the final end-users. It includes optimal design of imaging systems (RAW imaging, sparse antenna arrays, medical imaging), processing (denoising, restoration, super-resolution, leranable compressive sensing), storage (compression, feature extraction) and communication (coding) as well as security and privacy related issues of information sharing, search, identification, authentication, classification and mining in large scale-systems. The main focus is on the information-theoretic and machine learning aspects of the above problems.

He has coauthored over 250 journal and conference papers in these areas as well as 12 patents. He has served as a consultant to private industry in the above areas.

Slava is:

Associate Editor and Board Member for

  • Journal of Electronic Imaging (since January 2016 - January 2017)
  • IEEE Signal Processing Letters (since December 2015-2018)-senior AE
  • IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security (July 2012 – March 2015)
  • ELSEVIER Journal on Computer Standards and Interfaces (since October 2009 - )
  • EURASIP Journal on Information Security (Eurasip IJS) (since May 2006 - )
  • International Journal of Image and Graphics (IJIG) (since December 2005 - )

Guest (co-)editor for:

  • EURASIP Journal on Information Security (Eurasip IJS) special issue on Dependable Deep Learning for Security-Oriented Applications (2019)
  • EURASIP Journal on Information Security (Eurasip IJS) special issue on Robust Hashing (2007)
  • Signal Processing special issue on Security of Data Hiding Technologies (2003)

Research Interests

Current principle research directions

  • machine learning based image processing (theoretical issues of signal and image modeling and its applications to denoising, restoration, compressive sensing, compression, recognition and indexing)
  • multimedia security (information-theoretic and practical aspects of watermarking, content fingerprinting, biometrics, identification and authentication, privacy protection)

Previous research

  • Radar and radiometry imaging systems
  • Antenna design and sensor planning for imaging applications
  • Bayesian image restoration and denoising
  • Robust estimators and inverse problems
  • Stochastic image modeling
  • Image steganography, watermarking and data-hiding
  • Information-theoretic multimodal signal processing


I am involved in teaching of the following courses (follow this link for more details):

Besides regular courses, interested students are welcome to do a Bachelor or Master project in the SIP group!

Current PhD students:                          

  • Schideh Rezaeifar - information-theoretic machine learning

  • Behrooz Rezeghi - security and privacy-preserving in IoT applications

  • Denis Ullmann - big data analytics for solar flare analysis

  • Joakin Tutt - deep identification on mobile phones

  • Yury Belousov - machine learning for anti-counterfeting and brand protection, simulation of complex manufacturing process

  • Roman Chaban - machine learning and computer vision for brand protection

  • Brian Pulfer - machine learning in digital twins applications; anomaly detection

  • Vitaliy Kinakh - machine learning in astronomy: regression and generative models

  • Slavi Bonev - printing technology identification based on printable symbologies

  • Dalila Salamani - machine learning for particle physics (together with Prof. T. Golling, UniGe)

  • Guillaume Quentant - machine learning in high energy physics: simulation models of new Turbo family (co-supervised with Prof. T. Golling, UniGE)

  • Mariia Drozdova - machine learning in high energy physics: generative models (co-supervised with Prof. T. Golling, UniGE)

  • Sam Klein - machine learning in high energy physics: simulation models and anomaly detection (co-supervised with Prof. T. Golling, UniGE)

  • Oriel Kiss - quantum machine learning (together with Dr. S. Vallecorsa, CERN)

  • Yana Shtyk -  machine learning in astronomy: prediction (co-supervised with Prof. A. Scillaghi, FHNW, Windish)

  • J. Zbinden - machine learning in solar-physics (together with Prof. L. Kleint, UNIGE)

Former PhD students:

  • Olga Taran (PhD, 2021) - machine learning for image processing

  • Brandon Panos (PhD, 2021)  - big data analysis in astrophysics (co-supervision with Prof. S. Krucker and Dr. L. Kleint, Windish)

  • Thomas Charlon (PhD, 2019, co-supervision with J. Woijcik) - classification, clustering and identification of molecular signatures in patients withthe SADs

  • Dimche Kostadinov (PhD, 2018) - machine learning based on sparse overcomplete representations (Head of jury)

  • Sohrab Ferdowsi (PhD, 2018) - machine learning for image processing – denoising, compression, super-resolution (Head of jury)

  • Saoussen Belhassen (co-supervision with H. Zaidi) - medical image processing

  • Maurits Diephuis (PhD, 2016) - mobile identification based on physical uncloneable functions

  • Farzad Farhadzadeh (PhD, 2014) - information-theoretic identification; passive and active content fingerprinting

  • Taras Holotyak (PhD, 2012) - information-theoretic identification, search systems

  • Fokko Beekhof (PhD, 2012, Latsiz prize for the best PhD of year) - physical uncloneable functions

  • Frederic Schoenahl (PhD, 2011)

  • Renato Villan (PhD, 2008)

  • Emre Topak (PhD, 2007)

  • Jose Vila Forcen (PhD, 2006)

  • Teodor Alecu (PhD, 2005)

  • Mohammad Reza Ay (PhD, 2005)

  • Oleksiy Koval (PhD, 2004)

  • Frederic Deguillaume (PhD, 2002)


Current Projects

  • SNF project: Information-theoretic analysis of deep identification systems (200021_182063)
  • SNF NRP75 Big Data project in the domain of astrophysics (extensions)
  • SNF Sinergia RODEM
  • SNF Sinergia Astrosignals
  • Innossuisee project in the domain of physical object security
  • Industrial grants in the domain of physical object security and object recognition on mobile phones 

Former projects

  • SNF Professorship projects:
    • Documents and brands protection based on digital data-hiding technologies
    • Stochastic detection of hidden data
  • NCCR IM2 projects:
    • Information-theoretic document authentication and self-recovering based on digital data-hiding 
    • Information-theoretic multimodal signal processing (multimodal identification and authentication)
  • CTI projects:
    • CRYMEDA-SA CTI project on Crystal marking based encryption and document authentication security architecture for brand protection 
    • Protection of physical objects against counterfeting
  • EU projects:
    • SIMILAR: Network of Excellence 
    • ECRYPT: Network of Excellence
    • CERTIMARK: EU project on Certification of watermarking techniques
  • International projects  
    • Swiss-Polish research project
    • Collaboration project between Princeton University (Prof. E. Abbe) and University of Geneva (Prof. S. Voloshynovskiy)
  • Industrial projects:
    • CRADA: industrial project with U-nica Systems
    • CRADA: industrial project with Anteleon Imaging
    • CRADA: industrial project with Digital Copyright Technologies (DCT) 



  • 2018: Huawei Prize for best student paper to Dimche Kostadinov for the paper "Learning Overcomplete Sparsifying Transform with Approximate and Exact Closed Form Solutions" co-authored with Slava Voloshynovskiy and Sohrab Ferdowsi presented at the IEEE European Workshop on Visual Information Processing, 25-28 Nov, 2018, Tampere, Finland.
  • 2007: Awarded extended SNF Professorship grant for the career development.
  • 2003: Awarded SNF Professorship grant
  • 2002: The best paper award of ITG 2002 for the paper of Year 2001
  • 1998: The Best Young Author Paper "Adaptive Aperture Formation Matched with Radiometry Image Spatial Spectrum" (in co-authorship with T. Holotyak) on XII IEEE International Conference on Microwaves & Radar, MIKON'98, Krakow, Poland, May 20-22
  • 1996: The Young Scientists award for participation in XXV General Assembly of the International Union of Radio Science