Sohrab Ferdowsi



Sohrab Ferdowsi joined the Stochastic Information Processing group in Fall 2012. He is graduated from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran with a degree in Electrical/Biomedical Engineering. He is pursuing his PhD in Computer Science in the University of Geneva.

Research Interests

For my PhD thesis I am studying the learning and information theoretic aspects of the problem of data representation/ dictionary learning for visual data. In particular, I am investigating the role of data representation on applications like image compression/encryption, content identification and biometric systems.

I also have a background in signal processing during my master's degree where I was working on biomedical signals and speech.

Keywords: machine learning, information theory, learning theory, signal processing, lossy source coding, dictionary learning, computer vision


I am currently the teaching assistant in:

  • Éléments de la theorie de l'information (Elements of information theory) - a bachelor's course (in French)
  • Analysis and processing of information - a master's course (in English)


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