Multi-user Information Theory and Wireless Communications


Slava Voloshynovskiy, Department of Computer Science

Teaching Assistants:

Behrooz Razeghi (email: Behrooz.Razeghi [at] unige [dot] ch) 

Shideh Rezaeifar (email: Shideh.Rezaeifar [at] unige [dot] ch) 

Language: English


Lectures: Tuesday 10:00-12:00, B316-B318, starting from February 19.

TPs : Wednesday 16:00-18:00, B314-315, starting from February 20.

Labs : Thursday 8:00-10:00, B314-315, starting from February 21.

Course outline

  • Introduction. Wireless Digital Communications:
  • Asymptotic Equipartition Property
  • Fundametals of Digital Communications
  • Multiple Access Channel (MAC)
  • Broadcast Channel
  • Practical communications schemes
  • Models of wireless communications and interferences
  • Wireless networks


You are highly recommended to refresh your knowledge on probability and statistics prior to this class.


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  • D. MacKay, Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms, Cambrdige University Press, 2003. It is available online for free.
  • A. El Gamal and Young-Han Kim, "Network Information Theory," Cambridge University Press, 2011.